Tuesday, June 25, 2013

on marriage

[I comment a lot over at the excellent blog Mere Orthodoxy (which I highly recommend!) and since I say a lot of things there that I might want to save for working up later blog posts, I'm probably just going to start reposting modified versions of my comments here. That sounds vain, but it's my blog.]

If our goal is to advance a political agenda, it does not matter how far we back it up upstream culturally or how good we are at creating memes.
If our goal is to help God-honoring marriages flourish-- actual marriages, between flesh-and-blood people-- I suspect the memes will come from creative Christians going about their daily work in the midst of the work to support families who are stable and help kids from families who are not. And maybe then we'll get around to building some loving relationships with some flesh-and-blood GLBT people?
I see a lot of conservative hand-wringing nowadays about what a bad job we are doing at advancing a political agenda and a lot of strategizing about shifting the locus of control from point A to point B. I don't see much discussion about policy alternatives that encourage family formation, nor much confidence in things like preaching, teaching, discipling, evangelizing, and just havin' folks over for dinner.

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